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Do I need an eye exam? //

At Dr. Thompson's office we, along with the CAO recommend regular eye exams. For our youngest patients this means starting around 3 years old and every year until 19. Children as young as newborn can have an eye exam. Some eye conditions have a better outcome with early treatment, so bring your child as soon as possible if you have any concerns.


For adults 19-64 yrs old an eye exam every two years is recommended. It is important to check not only the vision, but also the health of the eyes. Some conditions such as glaucoma can have no symptoms until vision is already lost!


For contact lens wearing adults, an exam every two years is essential to assess if the cornea and optical system are healthy enough to continue wearing contact lenses.


For adults 65+ it is recommended that an annual eye exam be done. As you get older your risk of eye disease and eye conditons that threaten vision increases, having an annual eye exam can minimize this risk and help preserve you vision for a lifetime.

FAQ's & Links //

​​What does BC Medical cover?

BC Medical does not cover routine eye exams for adults 19-64 years old unless you have underlying medical issues related to your eyes. In our office we accept what BC Medical pays for children as full payment for the eye exam, so there is no extra charge for kids. For seniors there is an extra charge of $89 over the amount BC Medical pays.

Do you bill 3rd party insurance?

Yes we do. There are more and more 3rd party insurance companies that are allowing us to direct bill on your behalf. Please show us your card when you check in for your appointment and we would be happy to check for you.

Do I need drops?

​Maybe. We routinely use dilating drops on patients 56 years and up. There are sometimes when we need to use them on someone under 56 or even on children. If this is the case we will discuss it with you first and talk to you about the after effects.

Why are my eyes red?

There are multiple reasons why your eyes could be red. Some of the reasons could include; allergies, fatigue, eye infections or overbearing your contacts. Other more serious issues could be the cause such as glaucoma or uveitis as well so it's a good idea to have the optometrist take a look to determine the cause!

Why are my eyes itchy?

Your eyes could be itchy due to a foreign substance in your eye such as makeup, pollen, or dander. Eyestrain, contacts and blepharitis can also cause your eyes to be itchy.

Why are my eyes sore or hurting?

One of the most common causes of sore eyes is inadequate lubrication of the eye surface. Other causes could be physical irritation (rubbing your eyes), exposure to chemicals or smoke, over wearing your contacts, and even too much sun.

Why are my eyes dry?

The most common cause of dry eyes is lacking the adequate amount of tears to properly lubricate your eyes. Wearing contacts that aren't breathable enough can also cause this issue. 

Why are my contacts dry?

If your contacts aren't allowing enough air through or don't have the right amount of water content then this can cause your eyes or contacts to dry quicker. To be properly fitted with contacts give our office a call!

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