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Full Eye Examination

   We offer comprehensive eye exams to not only determine your proper prescription, but to check to ensure that your eyes are also in good health. Even if you don't require glasses, it's best to have your eyes checked bi-yearly to make sure there aren't any underlying issues that you may not have noticed. 

   If you have any family history of medical issues which could influence your eye health then we recommend staying on top of your routine exam.


   If you are diabetic, keratoconic, have a high prescription, or other issues that could relate to your eye health, then we recommend getting checked every year. It's likely BC medical will also help with the eye exam cost.  


Children's Eye Examinations

If you are looking into getting an eye exam done for your children, then we can provide a fun and friendly environment for you! Whether it's their first eye exam you are looking into, or routine one, then feel free to give us a call!


We recommend starting to get their eyes checked at age 3 unless you are noticing any issues before then. 

Our office has a dedicated kids room with colorful walls and adorable stuffies! There is also a kids waiting area with toys to distract the little ones while another is having an exam.

We charge nothing for children to have their eyes checked every year as long as they have a BC Care Card.

We look forward to seeing your family!


Contact Lens Fitting

Are you interested in being fitted for contact lenses? Schedule an appointment with us and we can measure the proper parameters for a proper fitting lens, while observing COVID-19 safety measures. We will also teach you how to insert and remove your lenses as well as proper lens care! If you are in need of an up to date prescription (under 2 years) then also book an eye exam with us.

If you have never worn contacts before, we will book you in for a one hour appointment to give you plenty of time to learn with us.

If you have previously worn contact lenses (or not recently), or haven't had contacts through our office a refit appointment is required to make sure your lens are fitting properly. 

We have a variety of lenses to try including daily disposable lenses, bi-weekly, and monthly!

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Pre/Post Op

If you have recently had cataract surgery, Lasik or PRK then you will need follow-up appointments to ensure you are healing properly! For cataract surgery we also can check what your new prescription is 6 weeks after your surgery. Give us a call to book your appointment or if you have any questions.

Are you looking into possibly getting PRK or Lasik? You will have to have a pre-op appointment so the that the surgeon can review the results and see if you qualify for the procedure! We are able to do this appointment as it covers the same tests as a routine exam does. 

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Eye Emergencies

Are you experiencing anything eye related that is concerning you? Depending on the symptoms/injury it can be better to see the optometrist rather then going to the ER! You can be waiting for hours before seeing the doctor that will end up referring you over to the ophthalmologist. We can quickly see you and figure out if it's something minor or refer you to the ophthalmologist if necessary! Give us a call and we can talk you through your best option.

Some reasons to call us could include;

  • flashes of light

  • something in eye

  • scratched cornea

  • irritation

  • stye

  • puffyness 

  • loss of vision

  • pain in, around or behind eye

  • decreased vision

  • blood in or around the eye

  • light sensitivity

  • redness or irritation

  • bruising around eye

  • severe itching

  • discharge from eye

Severe injuries will still require you to go to the ER however if you are unsure what service your symptoms require then give us a call!


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Third Party Billing

Do you have extended coverage that you can use towards eye care? Fortunately we are able to bill our services to most third party companies! Here is a list of the most common ones we see:​​


Great West Life/Canada Life

Pacific Blue Cross

Blue Cross 

Medavie Blue Cross


Chamber of Commerce

Claim Secure



Standard Life

Johnston Group



This is not an exhaustive list and some other companies may still be able to be direct billed.

Some of the companies listed might have restrictions on your plan that could make us unable to direct bill. If this ends up being the case then we can collect payment from you and give you a copy of the receipt to send in and receive reimbursement through your plan.


First Nations Coverage

If you have a status card, please bring it to our office. We can process it through PBC for coverage for eye exams and certain eye wear. Generally, once every two years they contribute $100 towards eye exams and $275 toward eye wear. For more information on what status covers, please give us a call! 


Frames, Repairs, and Adjustments

At Dr. Thompson's office, we have frames for everyone. Plastic or metal, bright or plain, round or square. 
With our personalized frame selection appointments you will receive one-on-one service to help you find the perfect set of glasses. You can remain worry free knowing that our frames and dispensing tables are fully disinfected between each patient. 
Come and see for yourself!

Frames, Repairs & Adjustments//

We are now doing frame adjustments and repairs by appointment only. If you require any please give us a call at (250) 758-1152 to set one up!

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