David Thompson | Optometrist​


Dr. David Thompson has been practising in Nanaimo since 1988. He graduated from University of Waterloo in 1976 and recieved his Masters from University of Houston in 1978. He is a fourth generartion Optometrist and believes that his practice should reflect the values that are important to him such as a friendly and caring attitude.

Dr. Thompson strives to provide a family-orientated atmosphere in his practice and looks forward to caring for your entire family and their eye care needs.

Jason Thompson  | Optometrist​



Dr. Jason Thompson graduated from Aston University in 2008. He practised optometry in the UK for two years and then decided to return to Canada. He is a fifth generation optometrist, one of six Optometrists in his family at present.

Dr. Thompson has been practising in Nanaimo since 2011 and is happy to be providing excellent eye care to Nanaimoites.

Kim Thompson

| Office Manager & Optometric Assistant​

Kim is the office manager and is also married to Dr. Dave Thompson! Before she delve into optical she was in school to become an ECE for the developmental handicapped to help others with special needs. Over time she continued with her work in the office and her previous education allowed her to use those skills in the clinic! Along the way she received her optical education and started laying the foundation for the Dr. Thompson team in Nanaimo.

Sarah Bowman

|​ Optician & Lab Tech



Sarah was a patient at this office as a child and became a part of the team in 2012! She loves helping patients in any way she can and is remembered for her friendly personality. If you are thinking about becoming a contact lens wearer, it will likely be Sarah that teaches you. Since photography is her other passion she is able add portraiture and web design to her optician duties!

Melissa Starling

|​ Optician

Melissa joined our family only a year after Sarah, in 2013. She showed interest in optical early on and hit the books to become a licensed Optician soon afterwords! She goes out of her way to assist patients and her positive 

demeanour is contagious. You may notice she isn't currently in the office. Since she has 3 children she is needed at home due to COVID19 and Canada needing to close schools. Once this is resolved she will be back with her office family!

Felicity Dean

|​ Optometric Assistant



Felicity is the newest addition and joined our team at the end of December of 2019. She has been working full time and is learning quickly how to care for our patients. 

Amy Jeffs 

|​ Optometric Assistant

Amy is a creative and sweet individual that puts patients first. She became a a part of our team right before Felicity in 2019. In her spare time she also creates adorable stuffed animals! Amy also has children at home and will be out of the office until schooling is available again for children.


Team | Opticians - Contact Lens Fitters - Optometric Assistants


Our team of liscensed opticians, contact lens fitters and optometric assistants, with a combination of 100+ years of experience, are here to help you with any problems you might encounter. Just give us a call, email or stop by and we would be happy to answer any of your questions.

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