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Are you interested in being fitted for contact lenses? Schedule an appointment with us and we can measure the proper perimeters for a comfortable fitting lens. We will also teach you how to insert and remove your lenses as well as proper cleaning care! If you are in need of an up to date prescription (under 2 years) then also book an eye exam with us so that we can be ready for your contact lens teaching!

If you have never worn contacts before then we book you in for a one hour appointment to give you plenty of time to learn with us.

The cost of a contact lens appointment if you have never worn contacts before is 75$

If you have worn contact lenses before however not recently, or haven't had contacts through us and we need to measure your perimeters and do some trialing, then the fee of the appointment is 45$

We have a variety of types to try including daily disposable lenses, bi-weekly, and monthly contact lenses!

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