Fees //

Student Exam 18+ $99

(with student card only) 

Adult Exam 19 - 64 $129

Senior exam 65 & up $69*

Child Exam No fee*

Annual Medical Eye Exam $69*

Disability & Assistance $84*

First Nations Status $29

*with a BC CareCard or status card.


Eye Exams //

   We offer comprehensive eye exams to not only determine your proper prescription, but to check to ensure that your eyes are also in good health. Even if you don't require glasses, it's best to have your eyes checked bi-yearly to make sure there aren't any underlying issues that you may not have noticed. 

   If you have any family history of medical issues which could influence your eye health then we recommend staying on top of your routine exam.


   If you are diabetic, keratoconic, have a high prescription, or other issues that could relate to your eye health, then we recommend getting checked every year. It's likely BC medical will also help with the eye exam cost.  





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