Eye Emergencies//

Are you experiencing anything eye related that is concerning you? Depending on the symptoms/injury it can be better to see the optometrist rather then going to the ER! You can be waiting for hours before seeing the doctor that will end up referring you over to the ophthalmologist. We can quickly see you and figure out if it's something minor or refer you to the ophthalmologist if necessary! Give us a call and we can talk you through your best option.

Some reasons to call us could include;

  • flashes of light

  • something in eye

  • scratched cornea

  • irritation

  • stye

  • puffyness 

  • loss of vision

  • pain in, around or behind eye

  • decreased vision

  • blood in or around the eye

  • light sensitivity

  • redness or irritation

  • bruising around eye

  • severe itching

  • discharge from eye

Severe injuries will still require you to go to the ER however if you are unsure what service your symptoms require then give us a call!